Pardon Me and Pardon Our Border Guards

This Wednesday January 17, 2007 the two heroic Border Patrol agents are supposed to surrender themselves to begin ten and eleven year jail sentences for shooting a drug smuggler in the butt on the border.


As reported by Dr. Frank Lynch, founder of Franks Heroes and Chancellor of Frank Lynch University  wrote in his fantastic blog, U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, sentenced Jose Alonso Compean to 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos to 11 years and one day despite a plea by their attorney for a new trial after three jurors said they were coerced into voting guilty in the case.


The drug smuggler was given immunity for testifying aginst them, but got arrested for drug smuggling a second time before the trial, so our Federal Prosecutors gave him immunity for the second crime so he could testify that he got shot smuggling drugs. Actually four crimes: two drug smuggling offenses of 8,00 lbs and 1,000 lbs of marijuana, and two illegal border crossings. 


But the criminal Mexican will not go to jail. In fact the Mexican government was the complainent that got our Agents charged with crimes. Don’t you wish our goverment were as vigorous in protecting the interests of our citizens?


 Apparently our government wants all Mexicans to know that they cannot be harmed while smuggling drugs into the US, and the only way to make that message clear is to imprison our Border Patrol agents to a possible death sentence.


Their attorney asked that they be allowed to remain out on bail until their appeal is heard, but the US Federal Court Judge refuses to answer that request.


So tommorrow our two agents will be locked up with the other drug smugglers they arrested. How long do you think they will remain alive in that jail?


Certainly they will spend every minute in fear of being attacked by the prisoners, and most  likely will be maimed or killed.


Approximately 80 Congressmen have signed repeated petitions to President Bush to pardon our agents, and he refuses to respond in any way, not even to acknowledge having read the petitions.


 I have just sent the following email to President George Bush:


Dear President Bush:

The American people and Congress are united on this issue. We the People demand that you immediately pardon Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, the two Border Patrol Agents sentenced for shooting an habitual drug smuggler who was in the US illegally. If you do not pardon these agents, they will likely suffer serious bodily harm or death.


If you fail to pardon them, your historical legacy will be mud, and millions of Americans will begin an immense political backlash, totally peacefully and legally.


We beg you to pardon them before they are harmed.


Sincerely, Ruth Goldman


and I included my full registered voter address so Bush doesn’t take it as a crank letter.


I recommend you either copy it or write something simlar and email it to  President Bush to


Or you can call the White House at 202-456-1111 and ask for “comments” to leave a verbal message.

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