Obama’s Honeymoon Is Over After Just Three Days as President

Isn’t this absolutely delicious!

First He bungles his first act as President, which was taking the Oath of Office.

Then he appointed and swore in his Cabinet before he took the second Oath of Office so maybe his Cabinet is not legal.

He appointed an Attorney General who arranged the pardon of the biggest tax evader in all history.

He appointed a Secretary of State that he previously said had no  foreign policy experience.

So  he tried appointing  Governor Richardson who was under investigation by the FBI for six months.

Then he announced a jobs plan for 2.5 million jobs the day before his Labor Dept said we lost 2.6 million jobs, showing he has his head stuck someplace it should not be. Cannot even talk to his jobs department?

Then he appoints to run the economic bailout the incompetent boob who oversaw the disaster as Head of the New York Fed and to boot committed felony Tax Evasion.

Then Obama locks the Press Corps out of his make-up second inauguration.

Then he won’t let the media take photos or video inside the White House

Then he appoints a lobbyist or two to his team.

Then he bites the head off a reporter who asks why he hired a lobbyist after two yearas of campaigning he would not hire any lobbyist.

Then the media refuse to use the photos forced down their throats by the White House.

So now the Messiah is in a pissing match with the media who elected him.

Never in the history of America has any President screwed up so much in his first three days!!!

And there is still more at   LINK

The next four years are going to be fun, fun, fun!!!

21 responses to “Obama’s Honeymoon Is Over After Just Three Days as President

  1. He’s finding it a lot harder to govern than to criticize, isn’t he, Ruth? Thanks for the comment on my blog – I’d be honored to add you to my blogroll. Happy blogging!


  2. He’s finding it’s a lot easier to criticize than govern, isn’t he, Ruth? Thanks for the blog comment – will be happy to blogroll you. Happy blogging!


  3. ruth,
    Thanks for visiting my site! You’ve been added to my blogroll.

    The Foxhole

  4. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny


  5. Well if anything we can’t say he’s not doing something. Yes he’s screwed up a few things but in some ways I like the tone he’s setting so far. While he did hire a lobbyist he also made a statement regarding lobbyist restrictions regarding his administration. He seems to being getting a little tired of Bidens snippiness and has tried to stop him a few times. Biden will be Biden though, eventually he’ll be the comedy ref lief for the administration. Yes he has made a lot of missteps in the few days he been in but who wouldn’t. I’m sure he’ll make a lot more in the next four years, after all he’s only human.

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  7. During Pres. Obama’s first day in office, he executed his first Executive Order to make public, Presidential Records of Executive Orders and Presidential Directives during the Bush Administration and previous administrations. via FOIA requests.

    Though I find this move appropriate, I also get somewhat of a flashback from Nov. 1963.

    That said, the socialist regime is shifting into high gear. Soon the U.S. will have more govt. employees than private employees. How much more of this socialist crap will people put up with? Who will be paying the employees wages if everybody’s working for the government???



  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! As you can see, we Canadians are just as divided as Americans over Obama.

    I’ll be adding you to my blogroll, and would love to have you exchange links with me!!


  9. Ruth,
    This is priceless, I will add you to my blogroll and guys, will hit all of your sites. The more we counter
    exchange links the more we can get the word out.
    Bob A.

  10. I’ve always found that the words that a man speaks tell less about his moral compass than do the people he surrounds himself with. If this is true, then this President follows a path of hypocrisy, deception, and oppression.

    Thank you for the post and the spot in your blog roll!

  11. Added you to my blogroll. Hope you’ll return the favor. 🙂


  12. There are a couple of valid points in there, but IMO the majority of it is making mountains out of molehills. Especially this stuff about whether Obama’s Cabinet is legal, or whether he’s even really the President at all, just because of a slip of the tongue in the first oath-taking, and the absence of a Bible and limited media access in the second.

    Are we going to derail the entire process of government over such minor technicalities? Especially with an economic crisis and two wars on?

    Ruth, we seem clearly to be on opposite sides of the aisle, but perhaps that will make for more interesting debate. I’m at http://thirdhelix.wordpress.com

    moliberty: “Soon the U.S. will have more govt. employees than private employees.” The 2007 census reports about 19 million government employees nationwide. Currently, census.gov reports about 305 million Americans in total. So we have an awful long way to go before “everybody’s working for the government”.

    The only thing we have to fear… is losing our rationality.

    • On the other hand, isn’t it fun to watch orators when they do not have a teleprompter in front of their face?

      That is why Obama won’t let the media roll video in the White House unless it is a formal, tightly controlled press conference

  13. As far as the “messing up the oath” business, you all do realize that it was John Roberts… excuse me, Supreme Court Justice Roberts who misspoke? The oath of office of the president is written in the Constitution – you know, that document with which the Chief Justice is supposed to be intimately familiar. Obama spoke the lines as he rehearsed them, which is as they’re written.

    If I were a partisan hack, I’d suggest that this isn’t the first time that Roberts has misread parts of the Constitution, but I’m not going to do that.

    • Congratulations Fudo. You are one of the rare people who has read the Constitution.

      Unfortunately you wrote: “Obama spoke the lines as he rehearsed them, which is as they’re written.”

      Not quite the way they were written.

      And as for who mispoke when, most because it happened relatively quickly, most people, especially people who have had their attention span shortened by the internet, went through it so fast that they heard what they wanted to hear. There were actually eight errors during the oath.

      Do you know who made how many of them?

      Here is a link to the best analysis of the oath. The target of the link is an excellent analysis of the video of the Oath, including the actual video.

      The article and analysis was written by Frank Lynch, who was a Democratic Presidential candidate in 2007 – 2008. He introduced many important issues into the campaign before Obama, that Obama later adopted, such as universal healthcare and energy independence.

      Here is the link to the truth about the Obama Oath Disaster http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com/2009/01/26/correcting-lies-about-obama%e2%80%99s-inaugural-oath-disaster/

      After you read this Oath article, click on his blogroll link to http://FrankLynchUSA.wordpress.com for a really good read.

  14. Sorry, but, per your request, I neglected to include a link to my blog:


  15. @ moliberty
    “Soon the U.S. will have more govt. employees than private employees. How much more of this socialist crap will people put up with? Who will be paying the employees wages if everybody’s working for the government???”

    Mo, I really do hope that you’re not one of the 62,000 people who lost their jobs yesterday. (Or do you not pay attention to the left-leaning news?)

    62 thousand. Just. Yesterday.

    But then, maybe you’re one of those fortunate enough to not have to hire illegals anymore to cut your lawn. now that there’s so many people looking for work, you won’t have to pay them so much, either. (damned minimum wage…)

  16. @ruth
    “On the other hand, isn’t it fun to watch orators when they do not have a teleprompter in front of their face?”

    oh, where to begin… “I know how hard it is to put food on your family… fool me twice, shame on, shame on, won’t get fooled again…”

    “That is why Obama won’t let the media roll video in the White House unless it is a formal, tightly controlled press conference”

    “I support the free press, let’s just get them out of the room.” –
    George W. Bush 2/10/06


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