Even Democrats Are Outraged Over Senate Appointments

After the royalty farce over idiot Caroline Kennedy’s “um, ya know” run for the Senate, the New York governor reverted to every politician’s nature, and applied the core principle that makes the Democratic Party what it is today:

He gave the Senate seat to the person who raised the most money for the Party during the last year!

This is not corruption and he did not sell the Senate seat. Sure. Ha Ha.

It is purely  oops cannot use that word in this sentance. There is nothing remotely resembling “pure” here. Start over.

It is absolutely the merest coincidence that he appointed the rat or ratess who paid the most money into the party of the common man, the working mother, the Party of Truth and Honesty.

Democracy is dead.

read about Oprah Winfrey and the Senate at this LINK

3 responses to “Even Democrats Are Outraged Over Senate Appointments

  1. I um watched Hillary Clinton’s um mini-speech when Barack Obama um came to visit um the State Dept. on his um 2nd or 3rd day in office um , and I noticed um that she um does the same um thing. um um um um um um YUM!


  2. Ruth,

    I don’t have much time to comment on web logs, or to read them very often, but thanks for taking the time to read through one of my posts.
    I will browse through some of yours today.


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