True Bipartisanship

Rush Limbaugh just suggested that to truly respect bipartisanship, the proposed trillion dollar stimuls package be divided up according to the proportion of Presidential votes received.

Obama would get to allocate 54 perecent  ofht e money.


The Republicans would get to spend or reduce taxes for the other 48 percent.

What could be fairer?

Obama’s answer; I won. Obama bipartisaa ship is meeting with the Republicans, letting them talk for an hour, then saying Tough S— I won, and spending it all his way.

3 responses to “True Bipartisanship

  1. Ruth –
    Never heard Rush make that argument when GWB was on top, did we?

    Who Saved President Obama’s Life?

    Find out at:

  2. We have to keep on Obama. Ruth, glad to have you back.
    Bob A.

  3. I agree. It seems as though Obama is using the fact that the Republicans lost so badly in the election last year as ground for him being right.

    I’m so sick of hearing not only that, but of him saying that what he proposes is what the voters want for the same exact reason. Although when the voters voted him into office, who knew he was going to try to push a $1 trillion bailout through Congress that will fail equally as bad as the bailout Bush signed.

    I’ve also added you to my blogroll:

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