Nadya Souleman Octuplets Are Insane and Abusive

Anyone who has produced three out of six children with disabilities should never have more children, at least not if you care about the welfare of the children

How retarded must a person be to realize that 3 of 6 means that future children have a 50% chance of disabilities.

No person who loves children would ever have more children under these circumstances

Even worse, the more children in a multiple birth, the greater the odds for disabilities.
NADYA SOULEMAN is insane and have condemned those poor children to abnormal lives.

I recommend you have your uterus removed, give up the children for adoption, and either commit your self to a residential mental institution or commit , well, I cannot post it but you can figure it out. . .

What punishment does a mother deserve who commits such abuse of children?

One response to “Nadya Souleman Octuplets Are Insane and Abusive

  1. I agree with you. I also think that the doctor who implanted the embryos should be indicted, prosecuted and lose his medical license.

    By the way, have you heard of “spell check?” Your comments lose a lot of their impact because of improper grammar and spelling…

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