Obama Spends Millions To Financially Destroy Those Who Seek His Birth Certificate

If you are frightened by Obama’s continuing disregard for the Constitution, this should really scare you!

For a long time Berg and others have been filing lawsuits trying to force Obama to hand over the original long form version of his birth certificate, because the version published on factcheck.org be obtained even if you were not actually born in Hawaii.

To a simple, straightforward person, is seems that for less than $10.00, less than Ten Dollars, Obama could get the long form of his birth certificate and settle this once and for all.

But no. Instead of spending ten bucks, Obama has been spending millions o f lawyers filing lawsuits to avoid producing the birth certificate.


The most recent outrage is Obama’s lawyers filing lawsuits for millions in financial penalties against the citizen/tax payers who have been asking for the long form birth certificate.

This is pure Nazi style intimidation of people merely trying to satisfy the Constitutional requirement.

Let us be logical: How much in damages can you claim against someone who wants you to spend ten dollars for a copy?

Answer: If you are Barack Obama, you can seek to destroy and bankrupt the citizen by asking for millions in damages.

America is entering a Nazi dictatorship where the tyrant seeks to destroy those who disagree with him. God save America.

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19 responses to “Obama Spends Millions To Financially Destroy Those Who Seek His Birth Certificate

  1. For those who think lying and forgery are not important, they can bring this president down. On Feb. 11, 2009, US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was sent charges and clear and convincing evidences of forgery and conspiracy (that word will finally get its day) to deceive the voters. His own refusal to release identity documents in lawsuits and his $800,000 in legal fees to hide the evidence will be evidence against him.(see http://www.divine-way.com, home page.) It is also available at http://obama-birth-cert-forged-sss-impeach.blogspot.com in entirety and also separate links with evidences only.

    Furthermore, people who created lawsuits are going to sue him for costs of litigation that should have been unnecessary if he revealed a birth certificate and medical records that all candidates are supposed to present. Again, his own attorney fees to block access to identity documents will lose the case for him. LYING is serious. Forgers cannot be trusted by other governments.

  2. Obama’s stealing the census from Congress has suddenly awakened and enraged the Republicans. Maybe this will arouse them as well to challenge Obama for stealing the Presidency itself. They surely know he is not an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (which is more than merely being a 14th Amendment “citizen”) by virtue of either Obama’s birth to a dad of Kenyan/British citizenship or birth in Kenya itself — as manifested by his unwillingness to supply his long form birth certificate now under seal.

  3. To Marie:

    You do not have a clue as to how much BHO is spending on attorneys’ fees.I would not be suprised that they are doing this pro bono, just for the publicity of representing the President.
    As to sanction, this is normal legal process. You ask the other side to admit certasin facts or legal standards. If they refuse you may ask the court to levy the costs and attorney fees against the other side. This is for the purpose of preventing a sider from waisiting the court’s time. This will becme the norm in pending and future cases. An example woule be for Obama’s attorneys to ask Orly to admit that Gransma Obama said that BHO wqas born in Hawaii. If Orly refuses, then Obama’s people will fly several attnreys to Kenya to hold a deposition of Grandma in front of a court reporter. They can then ask to court to levy the costs of the Kenyan expedition including attorneys’ fees against Orly and/or the parties she is representing. If you keep filing frivilous law suits you have a expect the court to come down on you like a ton of bricks.

    As an aside, I would love to see Judge Judy try one of these cases. She does not suffer foolishness. She would have Orly or Berg wetting their underwear. lol

    • Nobody represents a President for free. Clinton’s lawyers made millions off his scandals and Clinton set up a fund that solicted people for five years to pay his bills.

      The example you give is as tortured as your spelling.

      All Obama has to do is spend $10 for a copy of his long form birth certificate. I will pay the $10.

  4. It would be interesting to see the money trail as to how B. Hussein’s lawyers are getting paid.
    Bob A.

  5. I am not upset the president is suing the people who sought to get his proof of eligibility. It forces them to counter-suit for their costs for litigation that should not have been needed if he showed his identity paper. A person does not spend $800,000+ to hide his identity if he thinks he would get elected by showing it.

    Picture the courtroom. Obama’s lawyers will say these people are harassing my client over a birth certificate to prove he is eligible to be president. The judge will say, had you already presented proof? The lawyers say these people would not accept the COLB because it was not signed and sealed. The judge will be purplexed that they were so blinded by anger that they could not see they have absolutely no grounds for a lawsuit. Obama will have to show the judge the evidence of eligibility that he presented. There could very well be pants SOILED but it will not be the people that stood to protect the US Constitution.

  6. Oh really. Do you think that Bush and Cheney would not have prevented Obama from becoming president if they had the slightest evidence that he had an unjustified application? What is involved in submitting an applicati0n to be President of the USA – do any of you know?
    What research and checks do you think the
    security services do on anyone who would have their hand on the Nuclear triggers? Remember this application was made and got through the very very deep investigation by a security service under the control of the other party.

    It was not the Democrats in control when he submitted the appllication and was vetted. This stuff just makes us look like right wing nut jobs

    • dear gnomestrath

      The only appliction to become president is to file a one page form giving your name and address to the FEC Federal Election Commission
      It is even free – there is no filing fee, no notorization, no witnesses, just your name and address
      the form does not even ask if you are a citizen or your date of birth
      just name and address

  7. and your comments on the likley security checks by a republican administration?


    You are performing the standard liberal tactic when confronted by facts you dislike: attempting to change the subject

    The security services are not allowed to investigate the President. They do his bidding since they work for him.

    You might have Googled the answers to your questions before asking them

    The subject is Barry was not born in the US; refuses to spend Ten Dollars to prove it: but spends millions to avoid spending Ten Dollars

    DUH what does that tell any rational person?

    PS I think Republicans are also quite stupid, but at least they never put a Kenyan up for President, not that that justifies their other stupidiities

  8. The FEC only checks the candidate if he takes public funds. See the evidences and sources at http://www.divine-way.com Forgery Charges and Evidence link.

  9. I am not attempting to change the subject at all I am pointing out that if there was any substance to the accusation that Barack Obama was not borne in the US do you not think the Republican administration (or the RNC workers) would have not dug this up and used this against him. If they had exposed this at the right time they would have destroyed his electoral chances.

    Can you imagine Karl Rove and Cheney ignoring such a devastating piece of information?

    Could you consider the option that he refuses to spend 10 dollars to prove it because he doesn’t have to because he knows its OK and can’t be bothered to respond to the crazies.

    Changing the subject he refused to take public money because he judged quite rightly that he could raise more without the constraint. he was right.

    By the way its great being Liberal and its the more advanced place to be in terms of democracy. Europe is happier and richer and we have better health services by the way.

    Enjoy the coccoon

    • I am for one payer universal healthcare and agree on that point.
      As for the totally ineffective and lethargic Republican response to Nobama, it was partially due to the decay of the Republicans as evidenced by their nominating a totally stupid, incompentent turd like McCain, who had no idea how to run a campaign, witness his firing his entire campaign staff three different time.

      I am glad McCain is not President, but Nobama has proven to have set an historical record for the number of FUBARS between election and nomination, and nevere before has a President lost four of his intial cabinet nominees to corruption before they are sworn in.
      See my next post for Nobama’s corruption.

      In summary, both parties are totally disgusting

  10. If I was Obama, I wouldn’t give in to the wackjobs either. And I’d have my lawyers go after you for sanctions too. You know why? Because court after court have called the cases frivilous and any lawyer with any ethics should know better then to file a lawsuit which has already been deemed frivilous. Besides, what on earth makes you, or the people filing the lawsuits, think you have a right to the original birth certificate? The State if Hawai’i issued proof Obama was born there — the same proof that it would issue for anyone else wanting to prove their citizenship; a birth announcement was printed in a local paper. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthcertificate.asp

    And if you are going to accuse and insult the President of the United States of America, you should at least provide some links to REAL facts. Oh – and a fact si something that can be objectively proven; another nut jobs opinion doesn’t count. Oh, and by the way, failing to pay a nanny tax isn’t “corruption.” Stupid and illegal, yes. But corruption is something else altogether. Like lying boldfaced to the American people so you can declare “preemptive war” in order for your buddies’ companies to score big fat Iraqi oil contracts…now THAT’s corruption.

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  12. The whako’s do have somewhat of a point. Obama could just ask for the long form… but I seriously doubt the whako’s would be satisfied with that either. So far, their case is… the state was in on the conspiracy in 1961 when they put out his birth announcements, the state of Hawaii continues to be complicit in the deception, the Republican Governor of Hawaii (who campaigned for McCain) lied for Obama.

    Gee, I’m not sure why the courts would call this frivolous.

  13. “stina”, your comment “Like lying boldfaced to the American people so you can declare “preemptive war” in order for your buddies’ companies to score big fat Iraqi oil contracts…now THAT’s corruption.”

    is incorrect.

    That is not “corruption”, that is a ridiculous, hate filled, disgusting, long refuted, bald faced lie that you have just re-bleated like a mindless sheep.

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