The Barack Obama Clownshow Just Keeps Getting Worse

After spending all his energy trying to convince us that the economy was in such bad shape that we had to pass his Stimulus package without reading it because there was no time to spare, guess what Brainless Barry did?

No time to spare! Pass it in 24 hours or the sky will fall!

Congress passed it on Friday!

Does Obama sign it?

No. He takes a three day holiday to eat soul food for Valentines Day from Oprah’s chef.

Romancing Michelle is more important than saving the Free World! Fried Chicken or Free World? Chicken wings every time.

The urgency was all a lie! A LIE!

It is now in the fourth day after Congress passed the “We will all die if this is not signed yesterday” Obama package, and Brainless Barry still has not signed it!

One response to “The Barack Obama Clownshow Just Keeps Getting Worse

  1. this is a post that I did today.

    Obama has signed a bill that will force our grandchildren, great-grandchildren and future generations into financial servitude to the federal government. He did not read the bill he is signing, the democrat party congress that passed it did not read it and this is the most inept thing that the government has done. This character signs a bill that nobody has a clue as to what is in it. Not to forgive Bush for the prior stimulas or auto bailout, which the auto companies are by the way back for more. Wake up guys, enough is enough. This guy let Fancy Phonylosi write the bill.

    Bob A.

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