Why Are Food Stamp Babies Like Nadya Souleman and Barack Obama All Over the News?

Everybody keeps writing and reading about food stamp babies. Why doesn’t anyone give news attention to real people instead of welfare scumbags like Barack Obama and Nadya Soulemen, the octuplets mother?

I think we should write about the accomplishments of people who were raised the American way by parents who got married before having babies and worked for the money to raise their children.

I am sick of this new Communism/Obamaism/Octupletism/Crapism that has taken over my America.

If you agree post a comment so we start a movement to stop this Communism

4 responses to “Why Are Food Stamp Babies Like Nadya Souleman and Barack Obama All Over the News?

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I agree. I did not vote for Obamunism and in a few short weeks he has confirmed my reasons for voting for Governor Sarah Palin. If she had not been on the ticket it would have been a tougher decision, but no way would I have voted for Obama.

  2. I could fight the tide easier than I could ward off the stupid in this post.

    wow. just wow.

  3. What? This is the most sad, and rediculous site I have visited in a long while. Have you a single cell in that amopheous mass you call a brain? I agree about the Souleman woman, but of course it’s all over the news. people love stuff like that, or I believe that you wouldn’t be talking about it yourself.

    • Intelligent commenters make specific points, not just mispelled bias such as “rediculous” (sic).

      Let me fill in your point since you are unable: Obviously you like Brainless Barry and his campaign to destroy America, and my stating the truth offends your bias.

      Is that a little more clear?

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