Nancy Pelosi Was So Precious At The State of The Union

Did you see Nancy Pelosi jump up in absolute ecstasy when Obama said corporate and bank executives could not just disappear in their private jets?

Did this psychotic bee-yatch actually forget that every weekend she disappears on a 200 seat jumbo jet to commute to her mansion in San Frangayda, and then back again, at a cost to us taxpayers of more than $100,000 each weekend round trip?

Her private government jet costs you and me more than $6,000,000 every year to commute between her Washington DC mansion and her San Frangayda mansion, but the Dems want Sarah Palin to pay back $7,000 for her daughters travel?

For those who are mathematically disadavantaged, Pelosi get $857 for every dollar our lovely Sarah gets!! This is wrong!!

Does the goverenment make Nancy Pelosi pay back the pro rata cost of her friends and family members who get free rides on Nancy’s jumbo jet paid by you and me?

Finally, did you watch Nancy’s facial expressions during the food stamp President’s speech? Nancy Pelosi has psychological problems!

One response to “Nancy Pelosi Was So Precious At The State of The Union

  1. I was watching the SOTU on TV and was showing it to my wife who was watching it for the first time. I told her its an excercise in democracy and all Americans are proud of this moment no matter what their party affiliations are. And just when my wife was getting into it and started enjoying it, this moron of a woman started jumping up and down like a highschool girl in heat and made me cringe in disgust. Not to mention, I lost my face infront of my wife. Some one should remind Nancy Pelosi that she is the speaker of the house and she has a reputation to uphold. No more cheap histrionics, please.

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