Ten Obama Dollars for a Gallon of Gas

France is a socialist nation, but even they are complaining that Barack Obama is spending way too much in his insanely bloated stimulus package combined with his budget.

Even Communist Russia and Communist China are not fooled by Obama’s use of the word “investing” to misrepresent his “spending” to pay off all the interest groups of the Democratic Party Machinery that got him elected.

All the major nations of the world are uniting to demand a new currency to replace the Obama Dollar that everyone with half a brain realizes is about to become inflated and lose value dramatically.

The oil producing nations, led by Russia and Saudi Arabia, and yes, Hugo Chavez, do not want to accept Ten Worthless Obama Dollars for a gallon of their gas.

We had no idea that “Change you can believe in” meant that our currency was about to become an international joke because our welfare baby President was about to spend money as though he never had to work for a dollar in his life.

Oh! Come to think of it, he never did!

2 responses to “Ten Obama Dollars for a Gallon of Gas

  1. Yes,
    It appears that our dollars are fast turning into nothing more than change. Better buy a wheelbarrow before it is to late, so I can walk to the store with a load of money to buy a loaf of bread.
    Bob A.

  2. do you think that Obama could be the Anti-Christ? Its something to think about. He is slowly taking America away from who she was and is. Our money is no longer credited or worthy, soon it will be no more and why would a soldier need to sware in to a president, it should be the constitution of America? Scary, huh?

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