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Octomom Nadya Suleman Gets Even Crazier and Fires Free Nurses

Octomom Nadya Suleman is convinced the world is out to get her, and thinks the free nurses and nannies are conspiring against her.

Suleman is a combination of raving lunatic delusional crazy combined with manipulative narcissist exploitation of state welfare and of the poor innocent malformed children that she created for her own personal benefit.

Octomom may appear on Dr. Phil Tuesday March 14, 2009, and the Angels In Waiting charity that had been providing the free care may also appear.


Bailout Crisis Needs Long Term, Not Short Term Solution

Bush’s bailout plan is a short term solution.

We need a long term solution that considers the effect on home prices ten and twenty years from now.

Who is talking about what the inflation caused by Bush’s stupid bailout will do to the purchasing power of my retirement savings?

When home prices and gas prices tripled, that was not growth, that was inflation.

That meant my savings can only buy one third of what I could before Bush became President!

Do you understand that?



The problem is government is only concerned about borrowers and not about savers, and that is why we are in this mess and why the bailout plan will not work long term.

Mortgage Crisis Bailout Stinks

One man is going to have absolute authority to give away $700 billion?

How do I get a job with him?

Can you imagine the bureaucratic corruption, thefts, bribes and missing billions that will happen?

And Paulson was a Goldman Sachs partner.

Maybe Obama or McCain or Sarah Palin might have an idea?

¬†Cetainly Joe Buy Me Biden won’t. He has always given the credit card companies free license to screw us consumers.

Oh OHBama got the second most money from Fannie Mae, so he has to repay the favor, just like when he earmarked millions to the University of Chicago and they immediately tripled Michelle Obama’s salary.

She is worth evey penny.

While we are on the subject of giving away money, why not give a little to the World’s Forgotten Poor. Remember, there are millions of people who are truly impoversihed in America. No. Not the ones who are behind on theri $500,000 mortgages that Obama will bail out.

I mean the people who never had $500. Please helpo the millions of truly impoverished people inside of America at the Frank Lynch Foundation