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Octomom Nadya Suleman Gets Even Crazier and Fires Free Nurses

Octomom Nadya Suleman is convinced the world is out to get her, and thinks the free nurses and nannies are conspiring against her.

Suleman is a combination of raving lunatic delusional crazy combined with manipulative narcissist exploitation of state welfare and of the poor innocent malformed children that she created for her own personal benefit.

Octomom may appear on Dr. Phil Tuesday March 14, 2009, and the Angels In Waiting charity that had been providing the free care may also appear.


Octuplets Mother Nadya Souleman Had $30,000 of Plastic Surgery While on Welfare

This Nadya Souleman gets even more outrageous with every additional item of information.

Dr. Phil had surgeons on today. They examined pictures of Nadya from her high school yearbook and from a newspaper story about her earlier in vitro procedures.

Based on their twenty five years of experience in performing plastic surgery, the doctors concluded that she had between $20,000 and $30,000 of cosmetic elective (ie unnecessary) surgery on her nose, her lips, her cheeks, and her chin.

All the plastic surgery was done while she was not employed and was living on $450 a month of food stamps and approximately $3,000 a month in disability assistance for her three previous handicapped children.

Her mother complained that during this time Nadya never helped with the mortgage payments, and did not even buy any food for the household.

What kind of a demented monster is this woman?

Do not donate a penny on her website, because the bankrupt State of California must continue those payments even if we donated millions!

What we should do is write letters to California Gov. Schwarzenegger to have DCS investigate this woman and take the children away from her.

Nadya Souleman Octuplets Are Insane and Abusive

Anyone who has produced three out of six children with disabilities should never have more children, at least not if you care about the welfare of the children

How retarded must a person be to realize that 3 of 6 means that future children have a 50% chance of disabilities.

No person who loves children would ever have more children under these circumstances

Even worse, the more children in a multiple birth, the greater the odds for disabilities.
NADYA SOULEMAN is insane and have condemned those poor children to abnormal lives.

I recommend you have your uterus removed, give up the children for adoption, and either commit your self to a residential mental institution or commit , well, I cannot post it but you can figure it out. . .

What punishment does a mother deserve who commits such abuse of children?