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meghan mccain attacks ann coulter as offensive?

Meghan Mccain is the kind of blond they made all the jokes about, and Ann Coulter is the blond with brains, so the stupid ditzy blond attacks the smart one?

And CNN (Bias?) gives publicity to the brainless blond? Why not?

Is there a pattern here? CNN worships Brainless Barry!

CNN loves Brainless “ANYBODY”


Why Are Food Stamp Babies Like Nadya Souleman and Barack Obama All Over the News?

Everybody keeps writing and reading about food stamp babies. Why doesn’t anyone give news attention to real people instead of welfare scumbags like Barack Obama and Nadya Soulemen, the octuplets mother?

I think we should write about the accomplishments of people who were raised the American way by parents who got married before having babies and worked for the money to raise their children.

I am sick of this new Communism/Obamaism/Octupletism/Crapism that has taken over my America.

If you agree post a comment so we start a movement to stop this Communism

The Barack Obama Clownshow Just Keeps Getting Worse

After spending all his energy trying to convince us that the economy was in such bad shape that we had to pass his Stimulus package without reading it because there was no time to spare, guess what Brainless Barry did?

No time to spare! Pass it in 24 hours or the sky will fall!

Congress passed it on Friday!

Does Obama sign it?

No. He takes a three day holiday to eat soul food for Valentines Day from Oprah’s chef.

Romancing Michelle is more important than saving the Free World! Fried Chicken or Free World? Chicken wings every time.

The urgency was all a lie! A LIE!

It is now in the fourth day after Congress passed the “We will all die if this is not signed yesterday” Obama package, and Brainless Barry still has not signed it!

Call Your Congressman To Stop Obama Giving Billions to ACORN

Obama has used the 1,071 page size of the bailout outrage bill to hide his “Pay to Play” payoff to ACORN for all those three and four time voters that got us a totally inexperience President.


Buried in the bill under “Community Organizations” is a provisions that could give billions yes BILLIONS more to ACORN.

Call or write your Representatives and Senators now and say you want the billions to ACORN stripped out of the bill.

We do not want our children in debt for bribes to ACORN

Even Democrats Are Outraged Over Senate Appointments

After the royalty farce over idiot Caroline Kennedy’s “um, ya know” run for the Senate, the New York governor reverted to every politician’s nature, and applied the core principle that makes the Democratic Party what it is today:

He gave the Senate seat to the person who raised the most money for the Party during the last year!

This is not corruption and he did not sell the Senate seat. Sure. Ha Ha.

It is purely  oops cannot use that word in this sentance. There is nothing remotely resembling “pure” here. Start over.

It is absolutely the merest coincidence that he appointed the rat or ratess who paid the most money into the party of the common man, the working mother, the Party of Truth and Honesty.

Democracy is dead.

read about Oprah Winfrey and the Senate at this LINK

Barack Obama Wants Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to Resign

While it didn’t come too soon, President Elect Barack Obama has finally called upon Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich to resign. Today when questioned about it in his press conference Obama could not repress a smug, satisfied smile when he replied that his staff had prepared a response but Barack could not release it for at least a week because the FBI and prosecutors asked him not to. I could not understand why Obama was smiling and happy at the plight of a fellow Democrat from his own political base camp of Chicago until I read Frank Lynch’s analysis at http://franklynchusa.wordpress.com  What a great analysis! Be sure to read it.

Barack Obama Friend Helps Kill More People Than the Ku Klux Klan

Now that we have seen how the liberals unite for an vicious assault on Sarah Palin because she shot a moose, can you imagine what would happen if she had worked for seven years for a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan? Barack Obama did just that, was hired by and worked for a cop killer for seven years. Click on this story here